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So it’s been quite a while since we last spoke. I could kinda have predicted that the initial blogging rush would blow over pretty soon. Although I really feel like those few ramblings broke a silence and that that was important for me to do at that stage.

Things in my life aren’t going all that great I have to admit.  Some major shake-ups at work I’m not at liberty to discuss in a public forum yet have left me feeling out of place and in the way. Within a few months I went from being an integral part of a company to not knowing where I stand. Which is really unsettling. My job description and day-to-day tasks seem to change daily and there is just nothing that is stable and comforting at this stage.  The mood at the office is negative and the whole experience leaves me so emotionally drained every weeknight that I just fall on my bed and sleep for two hours before I feel myself again.  Something’s gotta give.

In other news a man appeared and disappeared again in my life. We went to primary school together and have been chatting for about 3 years again until he came to Cape Town on holiday in mid April. I saw him a few times and discovered that, beneath a rugged exterior there was quite the hidden treasure.  This all came as a big surprise to me.  But now he’s back in his home town up north and 1 200km away I sometimes wonder if life is just laughing at us behind our backs.

I don’t want the tone of this post to be so negative so I’ll tell you that I am truly blessed with amazing friends that care for me endlessly and phones and ignores my high maintenance.  As I discussed with another friend the other night – I have walls yes, and they are pretty high.  But I truly think if you make the effort to break them down it will be worth your while.  I’m past the stage in my life where I feel I have to pretend to be someone else just to make people like me.  This is me. I’m hard work.  But you get what you give.

Next time round I promise to be funny and witty and happy. Watch this space.  But for this moment, the rain falling on my roof bids me to bed.